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Naturopathy Nutritional Consultations, Detox Programs and Retreats are catalysts for life transformations. A tailored program along with guidance & support enables you to discover a healthier & happier version of yourself. 

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About Carolyne Ji 

Naturopath Nutritionist, Detox Specialist, Holistic  Therapist, Yoga and All Things Healthy Enthusiast.

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Let's Work Together

Each individual is a unique being made up of body, mind and soul. To thrive, we must be conscious about what/how we eat and think & find ways to inspire ourselves. I can help you heal & be your best. 

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Quinoa Burgers Recipe

A delicious and very nutritious plant-based burger for you to make this summer. 

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Tips to recover from a big night out drinking

My top tip is: hydration. When you’re hungover, rehydrating is essential. Start with a cup of warm lemon water to hydrate and take two Activated Charcoal tablets to cleanse out any of the residual toxins from the alcohol . . .

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Pre & Post Exercise Smoothies

Smoothies are an excellent choice for pre & post-exercise meal. They are packed with vital nutrients, protein and they are easy for the body to breakdown and absorb. Smoothies are simple & quick to make. You have a meal in a glass ready in a few minutes. 

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Spring Time is here:

SPRING is the season of new beginnings and no better time to recharge and replenish. Embrace the season of spring fully with these tips. 

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