About Carolyne Ji...

I am an integrative therapist with over a decade combined experience in bodywork therapy, yoga, meditation and naturopathy nutrition, specialising in detox & cleansing techniques and women's health. 

I'm also fascinated about Shamanism, Women Circles, Conscious Living and Sustainable Solutions and l love dancing, cycling, going to awesome gigs and spending time in nature. 

I drink a delicious green juice or smoothie almost every morning to kick-start my day on a green note. Greens are absolutely essential to life for its vitalising & cleansing properties. Green foods also help cleanse negative emotions. Green, in Colour Therapy is said to bring peace and harmony.  Greens are amazing!

I've seen how amazing one feels after a detox and have experienced the wonderful benefits of detox myself again and again. Detox is an essential healing tool for everyone to discover, experience and to know for life. 

It all started when...

In a nutshell: 

I’d say I’ve always been fascinated about natural & healthy living. 

At the age of 7 I went home from school with one lesson well learned: we need to eat a colourful plate of food to be healthy! I took that statement seriously and made my family eat a colourful plate of food every day, religiously. I was a bit of a pain.. ;)

During my teens I remember always researching about natural beauty products and tips to enhance my wellbeing.  

My passion for dance, movement, the healing arts and self development inspired me to study holistic massage therapy in 2006. Since then, I have been a dedicated therapist trained in various styles of massages and reiki delivering treatments to a diverse range of clientèle in a variety of environments.

Willing to help my clients further I completed a 3 year Naturopathy Nutrition course in November 2012 with The Nutritional Healing Foundation in the UK. During the course I experienced many different diets, detoxification methods and many cleansing & nourishing techniques. Eating according to what suits my bodymind best has enhanced my physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels.  

In early 2013 I’ve spent 2 months in India exploring Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy. I am a credited 200hr Yoga Teacher. Pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy and yoga asanas, Ayurveda and Panchakarma - its detox system; and various cleansing techniques were well explored and experienced.

Working at retreats across Europe and offering cleanse programs at client's homes has been the most fulfilling & satisfying venture for me. To witness people’s lives change beautifully after a week of yoga, holistic therapies and cleansing foods & techniques is truly amazing! 

In September 2017, I went to Leitstade in Germany to do an intense training to become a WuTao Dance Teacher: a therapeutic/meditative dance to balance and calm the whole being, based on TCM and the 5 Elements Philosophy. 

Since April 2018, I’ve been working at Marbella Club Hotel in Spain. It has been wonderful being part of an amazing team of wellness experts and helping to implement a truly holistic approach to Wellness at the hotel.



  • 2018: Advance Training Qest 4 Bio-energetic Testing System

  • 2017: Wu Tao Dance Instructor Certificate

  • 2013: Abdominal Colon Massage

  • 2013: 200hr Teacher of Yoga

  • 2012: Pregnancy Massage

  • 2010-2012: Nutriheal Diploma in Naturopathy Nutrition

  • 2011: Natural Facelift Massage

  • 2011: Traditional Ayurveda Yoga Massage

  • 2010: Reiki Level 1

  • 2009: Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • 2007: Listening and counselling Skills

  • 2007: Indian Head massage

  • 2007: Hot Stone Massage

  • 2006: ITEC and MTI Diploma in Holistic Massage

  • 2006: ITEC Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology