Tips to Improve Digestion


Improve your digestion with these simple guidelines:

. Morning Lemon Water: start your day with a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon or lime. This helps to gently activate your digestion for the day. Lemon water is also very detoxing & alkalising.

. Chew your food well: chewing is crucial for healthy digestion.                                                    

5 reasons to maximise your chewing time:                                                      

  • Chewing stimulates enzymes found in saliva that help to break down carbohydrates.
  • The act of chewing sends signals to the digestive tract that it's time to get to work.
  • Chewing your food helps to prevent acid reflux as it stimulates the oesophageal muscles.
  • Chewing makes it easy to get the nutritional benefits from the broken down food.
  • Proper chewing stimulates pancreatic digestion, vital to the digestion of fats and proteins.
  • Remember, your stomach does not have teeth.

. Eat mindfully. 

. Sit down. Make time for your meal, even if for 15minutes. 

. Eat properly at mealtimes and avoid snacking on the go.

. Give eating your FULL attention. Switch off the TV shut down the laptop & especially, put your smartphone away. 

. Enjoy the taste, smell, texture, and look of each bite.

. Food is fuel to your bodymind.

. Drink water: drinking a glass of body temperature (slightly warm) water 20 - 30min before & after main meals hydrate the digestive system, making it easier to break down food.

. Try apple cider vinegar: organic, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar is great to get the digestive juices going. Apple cider vinegar is very alkalising & have many other benefits to health such as balancing blood pressure, soothing depression, clearing candida, etc.               Simply add a teaspoon or so to a cup of water and drink it before meals.

. Detox: detox is a fantastic way to give your digestive system a rest to renew itself! 

Detox takes the pressure of the digestive system giving it space & time to sort the 'house out' - the cleansing & nourishing fruit & veg, herbs, and supplements will assist the system getting rid of old matter and sooth & replenish the whole system. 

Detox helps with symptoms like bloating, feeling heavy & lethargic, heartburn, abdominal pain, IBS, constipation, etc. 


A Clean & Well Nourished gut for stronger immunity... for a better you!