What is detox?


Detox is a natural and continual process of movement of toxins out of the body. The body has inbuilt wonderful detoxification systems and channels for elimination which work constantly to obtain balance in the body.

Our environment today is the most toxic in history so we need the help with a cleansing diet and cleansing techniques. If the body fails to remove these toxins weight gain, anxiety, burn out, fast aging and many symptoms like headaches, eczema, IBS, and diseases may manifest. 

The Global Healing Centre estimates that the body can deal successfully with around 1 million toxic molecules daily.  In today's challenging environment where we are exposed to increased levels of pesticides, insecticides, additives and chemicals in our food and toiletries and substances like caffeine, alcohol and sugar are widely available the average amount of toxic molecules we ingest in nearer to 2.1 MILLION .......an excess of 1.1 million toxic molecules that the body struggles to cope with.

Detox is not only for the ones that need to lose weight. We all need to detox. 

I used to belief that detox programs should be done only twice a year but now, I belief that we need to introduce detox foods and tools on a daily basis.