A lovely testimonial

I have been consulting with Carolyne Ji for over a year now since meeting her at a juice detox retreat in Gozo in October 2015.

The retreat was my first and a real life changing experience for me in the most positive sense. It helped me lose a lot of excess weight, which is relatively easy to do in the confines of an isolated location away from home. 
After the retreat, I found that I had all sorts of questions and needed advice on what to do to continue my new found lifestyle while working and living my normal life, with all its passing temptations while maintaining my weight loss and improving my health through diet. 
I contacted Carolyne by email and she offered me regular consultations by email. I found this very helpful, reassuring as well as very encouraging with her positive attitude.

Carolyne is, in my opinion, an excellent naturopath who is always interested in her patient's problems and concerns and is flexible in finding the best solution to suit the patient's lifestyle. She has helped me improve my health through a maintained weight loss, I sleep better at night while having more energy through the day. Together we have found a few supplements that Carolyne has recommended for me to take that I feel are steadily improving my wellbeing. I intend to continue our consultations for the foreseeable future as it works.

Oliver Mee