Why go on a Retreat?

Retreats have become so popular, haven't they?! Why is that? 

More and more people are going on retreats because we are realizing that the '24/7 digital connectedness' is affecting our general health and well-being, big time. We are embracing the 'turning off' the noise and the need for digital detoxes. 

A retreat is not a luxury, but an investment in our health. Supporting our health with detox not only helps prevent and recover from illness - but also slows the ageing process, maximizes our energy levels and helps to avoid burnout. 

We are also realising that life is not about our possessions or our career status. Life is about living a meaningful life, one which we create, share and capture memories earned through experiences. 

Retreats are an experience!

Retreats are catalysts for life transformations! 

When we are ready for a healthy shift in our own life, we go on a retreat, giving ourselves permission to stop, disconnect with the outside world and go within; relax and revitalise. When we truly relax, we can see our physical and emotional aches and with the help of natural treatments, make the necessary changes to find balance. 

Are you ready for more energy, a calm and focused mind, glowing skin and feeling healthier inside and out? Join my 5 Senses Yoga & Cleanse Autumn Retreat and give yourself the permission to stop and relax: you will feel wonderful and thrive! 

I look forward to welcoming you in beautiful South of France. 

In health,

Carolyne Ji