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New Year's Health Solutions

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Here are a few health solutions that I have been empowering myself with for the last couple of years. I highly recommend you to go for it and experience feeling more abundance and vitality within yourself.

Have a morning routine
Spend at least 30min a day doing something just for you. I have a 60-75min morning routine that sets me up for the day nicely: I get up and do tongue scrapping, oil pulling, pranayama & yoga stretches, dry skin brushing, shower & a yummy green smoothie or porridge followed by my supplements. Even when I can not spend a full hour, I do a shorter routine. This is my number one tip to a more balanced lifestyle. It works wonders!!!
I also take small 10-15min breaks during the day to replenish myself. 

Get active
Choose & maintain an exercise programme that you enjoy - anything that gets you moving. The more you enjoy it, higher the chances for you to stick to it. Exercise has many great benefits and it makes you feel GREAT! 

Drink 2 litres of water daily
' The number one stressor to the bodymind is dehydration.'

Eat healthily
Eat natural (unprocessed) whole foods whenever possible. 
Minimise your intake of the main acidifying foods: meat, cow's milk & dairy products, white wheat, white sugar and stimulants like coffee, energy drinks & sodas. 
Introduce more alkalizing foods to your diet: green leafy vegetables, organic fruit & vegetables, pulses (peas, lentils and beans), seafood vegetables, fermented foods, smoothies, juices, vegetarian & vegan home-made dishes. 

Pay attention to mental health
Manage your stress levels & get enough sleep. Managing stress and sleep is fundamental to prevent hormone imbalance due to increased cortisol demand and adrenal fatigue. I like to switch off from my computer & phone about 2 hours before I go to bed. I also have a cup of calming tea to help me relax further. Chamomile, lavender, lemon verbena and Vetiver are my favourite tranquillizers. 

Avoid and reduce exposure to environmental toxins
Use fragrance-free household cleaning products, air fresheners, body products & cosmetics. Look for BPA-free cans and plastic products and avoid the microwave. 
There are plenty of ethical companies out there from which you can buy natural products from.

Join one of my Retreats
Taking time out to connect with yourself is essential in this digital era we live in. Rest, self care and time spent in nature will do wonders to your bodymind. Experience a life transformation! You will feel amazing after retreating with my team and I. 

Find out about my Spring Renewal Retreat here. 

Much love, 
Carolyne Ji xx