holiday prep

The Festive Season Survival Kit 


The festive season is around the corner or...  It's actually here, isn't it? It is!!!  :) 

This time of the year is hard. There's so much to do, to eat, to drink, so many places to go, so many people to see... We can easily forget about our health. 

Let me remind you of 3 important points and give you 1 solution:

1. Sugar is food for the pathogens living in your body, and once they’re fed, they crave more. The more your pathogens grow and multiply the more acidic you become and higher the chances of you manifesting diseases. 
2. Overeating puts such a challenge in your digestive system, and do you know that research shows that overeating actually shortens your lifespan?
3. And even if you look after yourself and have your nutrition sorted it out, remember that stress itself messes with your healthy digestive tract. 
So what’s the solution? What can you do when the holiday temptations of overindulging arrive?
Prepare in advance, equip yourself with my favourite recipes and natural remedies below and put a plan into practice to preserve your health. 

Here's your Festive Season Survival Kit: 

* Fermented Foods: add fermented foods to your diet to feed your good bacteria and help you with sugar cravings. 
Find a Saukraut recipe here and a Kefir Water recipe here  
You can also buy Kombucha and Kefir Yoghurt drinks at various health shops.

* Digestive Enzymes: take 1 - 2 before meals to help you digest heavy meals and any overeating

* Probiotics: take 1 caps in the morning - to support your healthy bowel 


Good brands to buy from are Viridian, Terranova, Cytoplan, Natureaid, Nutriadvanced, Lamberts. 


Happy prepping for a happy & healthy holiday season. 


Much love,

Carolyne Ji