sauerkraut recipe

Sauerkraut Recipe

The pictures have my dear friends Roger & Cristina, extraordinary chefs, showing us how to make sauerkraut at our retreat in Ibiza.


◦ Increase vitamin content of food (especially B vitamins which help support the adrenals, relieving stress and helping to increase energy)

◦ Introduce good bacteria and re-balance gut flora in the digestive system

◦ Improve digestion

◦ Improve immunity

◦ Help us absorb nutrients

◦ Improves mind & mood

◦ Can help boost quality of skin



• 1 large cabbage – finely sliced (you can use purple or white cabbage)

• 2tsp salt


• Massage cabbage until brine is released

• Squash the cabbage down into glass jar and place cabbage leaf on top

• Make sure the cabbage is covered in juices

• If there are not enough juices, top up with salty water to cover cabbage

• Place a weight on top of cabbage leaf to ensure vegetables stay submerged under the liquid

• Seal in airtight glass container (eg Kilner jar)

• Leave to ferment in a warm area for 3 – 4 weeks

• Open and remove top layer of cabbage

• Store in fridge (this is now preserved and will keep for months)

Sauerkraut variations: you can add a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices to it. Make sure you use cabbage as a base. 

I like adding garlic, chillies and caraway seeds, or garlic and fresh parsley leaves, or shredded carrots and dried mixed herbs. 


Have fun making your sauerkraut. 



Carolyne Ji x