Maca Chaga Latte Recipe

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This is a yummy recipe created by my dearest friend & chef Anna Middleton.

Chaga and Maca are both adaptogens which help our body deal with stress, boost immunity and improve our strength.

Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar and helps improve heart health.


25g shelled hemp seeds

1 tsp chaga powder

2 tsp maca

1 tsp algarroba

30g coconut oil

a few drops of vanilla extract

¼ tsp cinnamon

add sweetener of choice

pinch of mineral salt

200ml hot filtered water


Blend all ingredients together in a high powered blender to give a creamy chai.

Adjust the sweetness to your taste


Top Tips to avoid Burn Out


So, when was the last time you took a break when you felt like you needed one?

Do you listen to your body when it is asking for a pause? Do you give yourself permission to pause? Or do you push through until you feel overwhelmed and see an emotional turmoil coming or either crash, from exhaustion? 

Most of us, especially when living in the city, resonate with the second option. Don't you?

I understand it. I used to do it all the time. Actually, most of 2015/2016 I was fatigued. I was diagnosed with mild chronic fatigue/exhaustion/burn out. My number one 2016 resolution was to love myself more and get my mojo back. And. . I did it! 

The society in which we live in today is highly oriented by productivity. People are becoming more burnt out and sick. Burnout messes up with your health. 

Yes, for a few years I was pushing through all the time. Then after researching and getting my toolbox of natural techniques out, I've learned and implemented a couple of simple self-love techniques that have made me feel much better. Check out my favourite self-love practices here. There is one technique though that has made a HUGE difference for me. It’s made me happier, healthier, and more productive. 

Here is my top tip to avoid burn out: Give yourself a break!

  1. Create a morning routine for you: It can be something from 15 - 60min. My morning routine is: I get up and do tongue scrapping, pranayama & yoga stretches, dry skin brushing, shower and have a yummy green smoothie followed by my supplements. Having a morning routine sets the pace of your day and help you make decisions from a centred, calmer, powerful you. 
  2. Take a 15min Mid-morning Break: you can go for a walk, have a healthy snack, talk to a dear friend, do a meditation.
  3. Take a 45min Lunch Break: make sure you take time to chew properly and eat mindfully
  4. Take a 15min Mid-afternoon Break
  5. Finish work by 17:30. Make a list of things to be done tomorrow and leave it at work. This will help you not take work home. 
  6. Create a pre-evening routine for you: take a 15min Break once you get home to reset yourself before starting your evening. (this is so important and it has helped me hugely). You can have a bath or a shower, do a few stretches, lie down with your legs elevated on the wall - this helps to restore your Adrenal glands; etc. 

Resting is extremely important so the brain can digest and process all the experiences you're going through. When you rest, you reset your whole bodymind and allow space for creation as well. Try for yourself. Create breaks in your day and you will feel the benefits straight away. ;)


With much love, 

Carolyne Ji