My intention is to inspire & guide you to take charge of your own health


It has been amazing to see how fast the wellness industry is growing in cities like Barcelona, Cape Town, New York, Berlin, and London. People are awakening to the fact that conscious eating & conscious living is the only way forward to longevity for ourselves and for the planet. 

In today's world of mass consumption and ecological disaster, it's imperative that we each take steps to be kinder to ourselves and to the planet. I understand the demands and pressures of everyday life and offer a bespoke process to meeting your goals.

Longevity is a personal journey. Let me support you on your journey.

Naturopath Nutritionist

An 70-80% alkaline diet heals, repairs and corrects the body.

I design an unique treatment plan for YOU. I use alkaline foods and various natural techniques to assist your body to heal. I also use the 5 Elements Theory for the Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tool to help me group different symptoms, emotions, eating and eliminating habits; in relation to the systems and organs of the body and the seasons in nature. 

My aim is to find out what you would like to achieve, to provide you with tools and guidance which will support your journey to better health and longevity.

My areas of expertise are: detox (cleansing foods & natural techniques), stress, anxiety & depression and women's health. 

Initial in-depth sessions are 90 minutes, follow-up appointments are 60 minutes.            

(Skype Consultations are available)

Detox Specialist 

Detox is a must have tool for the 21st century!

Toxic overload is so common that detoxification has become crucial to health. The environment in which we live today, specially in the city, is the most toxic in history. 

During a detox, our organs: the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin and blood are able to purge out accumulated toxins and waste products and regenerate themselves. 

Detox is not only for the ones that need to loose weight. We all need to detox. 

I used to believe that detox programs should be done only twice a year but now I believe that we need to introduce detox foods & techniques into our daily routine as well as do seasonal detox programs. 



Detox Programs

For quick & safe weight loss, radiant skin, increased energy levels, mental clarity as well as new vitality, detox is a perfect healing tool. More so its a tool for life to learn that will leave you finding greater depths of overall health & better well being in yourself! 

I've taken 100’s of people through a detox. Let me take you through a detox experience too.

You can do a program on your own, with a friend, partner or in a group. 

‘Retreat yourself for an ultimate ‘me time’ !

I organise retreats at hand picked locations in Europe. I have worked for over 4 years as a retreat manager & host as well as a bodywork therapist, yoga & meditation teacher and naturopath nutritionist offering talks and consultations in retreats centres in the UK, Ibiza, Gozo, Tuscany, France.        

I work with an incredible team of wellness experts and together we provide you with the luxury & quality of treatments & products at beautiful locations. 

Retreat Leader & Consultant

Healthy Employees for a Healthy Business!  

My team of wellness experts and myself offer: 

  • Wellbeing Interactive Talks and Workshops on topics like Stress, Acid/Alkaline Balance, How to boost your Immune System, Brain Health, Mindfulness Tips, and much more.
  • Meditation Sessions 
  • Yoga at your Desk 
  • Seated Massage Sessions
  • Wellness Retreats for Corporate Incentive and Executive Team Building

We love sharing our passion for nutrition and all healthy things. 


Corporate Wellness