Discover a healthier & happier version of yourself

Revitalise, Refresh and Re-set to improve vitality & longevity!

Naturopathy Nutritional Consultations, Detox Programs and Retreats are catalysts for life transformations. A tailored program along with guidance & support enables you to discover a healthier & happier version of yourself. 

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About Carolyne Ji 

Naturopath Nutritionist, Detox Specialist, Holistic  Therapist, Yoga and All Things Healthy Enthusiast.

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Let's Work Together

Each individual is a unique being made up of body, mind and soul. To thrive, we must be conscious about what/how we eat and think & find ways to inspire ourselves. I can help you heal & be your best. 

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Best Immune Booster Shot Ever

This is my favourite Immune Boosting Recipe. I've been having it during Autumn days for the last few years. It's wonderful. Try it! It will help you feel stronger for the cold months ahead. 

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Spiced Hot Chocolate 

Hot chocolate is not only warming, comforting and a cup of love; but it's also nutritious. The magnesium found in raw cacao is extremely important for our health. Magnesium is a nutrient involved in hundreds of body functions. 

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Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Our immune system is a part of our body which is often overlooked and commonly taken for granted. We get busy, experience stress and often blame a sickness on some outside, rather than inside factor. 


What's Inside My Fridge/Cupboard

Fresh chillies, salad leaves, loads of veggies, organic decaf coffee, green curry paste, wasabi paste, lemongrass paste, capers, olives (black and green), sauerkraut, chilli sauce, oat and almond milk, free-range eggs. . . 

Some of the lovely clients I work with