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Maca Chaga Latte

This delicious warm drink will help you deal with stress, boost immunity and improve your strength, as well as regulate blood sugar.

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Top foods to enhance immunity:

Orange foods, dark leafy greens, shiitake mushroom, chillies, ginger, berries and moreโ€ฆ

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Best Immune Shot Ever

This is my favorite Immune Boosting Recipe. I've been having it during Autumn days for the last few years. It's wonderful. 

It will help you feel stronger for the cold months ahead. ;)  

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Spiced Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is not only warming, comforting and deliciously a cup of love; but it's also nutritious.  The magnesium found in raw cacao is extremely important for our health. Magnesium is a nutrient involved in 100s of body functions.