Premium Detox Program

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Premium Detox Program


Personalised Premium Detox Program

10 day Transformational Health Program with 3 days in-house assistance 

This program includes: 

* Pre-Detox – In preparation 

A 90min in-depth Naturopathy Nutritional Consultation

A detox guidebook: pre & post detox educational info and guidance, daily schedule, plenty of yummy & nutritious recipes 

A personalized detox kit: Detoxifying supplements & Cleansing teas, Cleansing tools and demos, 1 month probiotic supply to support your colon & a gorgeous detox body oil 

* Detox - 3 days one-to-one detox assistance at your home

Teaching and preparation of organic delicious vegetable juices, or/and veg broths, or/and raw salads 

Teaching of cleansing techniques to support the detoxification process

A daily 60min yoga session 

A daily 60min massage treatment

Nutritional & Emotional support throughout

* Post Detox – The New You

Post detox - Overall longevity lifestyle recommendations including healthy recipes

Healthy fridge & cupboard makeover

A 60min Natural Facelift Massage 

A 60 min follow up nutritional consultation after 4 - 6 weeks

All delivered with the luxury & quality of treatments & products in the comfort & convenience of your home. 

(Fees may vary according to the length of the detox days and amount of participants)
Minimum days: 3      Maximum participants: 3 

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Personalized Premium Detox Program

10 days Transformational Health Program with 3 days in-house assistance