Love notes from clients 


'Dear Carolyne, thank you so much for a lovely week at the retreat in France. I feel really good, inspired and grateful for the opportunity but a little bit emotional. You have inspired me so much. One of my neighbours saw me and said "hello skinny" which made me feel good. Thank you. Everyone at Yoga this morning noticed that I had lost weight and wanted to know what I have been doing. I felt really good. 
I am sticking to the treatment plan you gave me as it's working really well. All my blood tests are much better and my doctor keeps asking me what am I doing. This has motivated me
.'  - Melanie, London


'Your cleanse program was perfect and the right amount of time for me. It really had the right mix of all treatments. Carolyne was great throughout the three days making sure you were well motivated (in my case not drinking coffee) and generally asking how I was feeling. I think having the pre and post cleanse consultation was also very useful. The treatments were all really excellent in their own individual ways. I usually find packages in spas full of useless treatments but for me, I thought every single one was great. I felt fantastic after and it convinced me that it makes sense to have more vegetables in my diet, much more water and less meat. I highly recommend this to everyone.' - Zeena, London


One week after the detox and I am feeling fantastic! Lots of energy, lots of positivity and a new outlook on life! Life-style changing! Have been confidently practicing raw food meals and deserts. 
- Julia, London


Just after my detox week, I was handling in my notice and all my boss could focus on was the amount of weight I'd lost and how much younger and happier I looked. I talked through the whole experience with him. The compliments I've received today have been extremely uplifting, thank you all!            - Louise, London


 Thank you Carolyne Ji - really enjoyed the detox so much and you have been such an inspiration! Would never have done that on my own.                                                    Caroline, London  


Carolyne, it was so lovely to meet you and you really helped! Everyone says I am glowing.... I feel so healthy and I haven't had a drink and only one cup of coffee (it made me shake!) so am trying to keep going. '                            - Rachel Johnson, London


I have just returned from a 5 days detox retreat in Sussex. The whole event was 'made' for me because of the most wonderful girl who led the retreat. Carolyne Ji must be in her late 20s early 30s. She is Brazilian and has the most wonderful 'way with people'. She is tall, slim and beautiful, elegant, calm and has the most wonderfully soothing voice, even at yoga classes at 7am. I loved her!   - Helen Spooner


'I’m doing well and am still feeding on the good vibes of the retreat. I actually managed to make some changes within my diet, like eating lots of fresh vegetables and cutting back on sugar and caffeine, which feels good and is pretty easy to keep up. But not only eating-wise things have changed; I often think back to all the things we’ve done and learned during the retreat, and it helps me to focus on self-care and have more peace of mind, and I’m still really thankful to you for that!'  - Jana, Holland


'Thanks, Carolyne, for this and for all of your help and support throughout the 10 days cleanse. Everyone at Grace has been fantastic and I can honestly say that I feel like a different person.' - Rachel, London


'Thanks for a great week at your Autumn Retreat, it was very special and I have taken so much from it.'     - Razia, France


After months of feeling sluggish, stressed and bloated I embarked upon a 10 day detox with Carolyne Ji.....what a difference 7 days can make! I felt calmer, my skin glowed, I was full of energy and most importantly I'd kicked my habit of caffeine and sugary foods. I can't recommend the detox enough, its a fairly tough 7 days but the effects both physically and mentally are well worth it! Laura, London




The Tone & Cleanse massage by Carolyne has become a weekly "must have" for me. Very efficient treatment to drain toxics out of the body! In addition you can feel Carolyne is truly passionate about what she is doing and about health and well being in a wider context.     Asa, Sweeden


Carolyne's knows her art and is passionate about health & vitality. Her approach is great in that she carefully prepared my husband and I up to the fast, told us what to consume to prevent the metabolism from plumering during the detox, and then mapped out an approach for the days after the detox. She provided us with tonnes of support, ideas and suggestions that really spurred us on to achieve our goals. I am very thankful to her for giving us that springboard we needed to a healthier way of life. I highly recommend her services.     Sara, London  


I first saw Carolyne for a massage as I had been quite ill. She listened carefully to my concerns and I found her to be sensitive to my condition at that time. I felt her caring attitude and excellent massage really helped in my recovery. I have since received a massage from Carolyne on several occasions and would not hesitate to recommend her.                               Penelope, London


Having just done a week detox, the empathy and encouragement I received was what really kept me going on times of cravings. And of course, Carolyne Ji, you are overflowing with awesome inspiration! Bee, Brighton


Carolyne, the retreat in Tuscany was truly life changing, hard to express how much my diet and me myself changed after that week. Everyone - If you have a chance, you got to got o Carolyne's retreat. That can be the best thing you've ever done for your body and soul!                                     Kristis, Lithuania

I came across Carolyne at a retreat that she ran in rural France in October 2017.  I must say the word detox had initially put me off the retreat as I wasn't looking for weight loss which I had associated with the word detox but I researched her and had a very good feeling that this would be a wonderful experience and it was. That she is a qualified naturopath appealed to me very much. Carolyne has an amazing energy and is very kind and giving of herself and her knowledge. I have a hormone imbalance which has baffled my endocrinologist and medication has not helped so I decided the next journey would be to try and find some way to recover naturally.  I have in 5 months gained weight which had been impossible previously and slowly my energy is returning.  I had been in a cycle of caffeine and sugar to pick me up to get me through the day.  I have stayed off caffeine since the retreat which is the longest time ever and have many other healthy energy-boosting snacks instead of sugary ones.  I am on various supplements which I resisted at first but now I see that they are working. I am working my way up to the green smoothies...easy does it! I have learnt about hydration and how important it is to the body.  We communicate via email as that works for me but if I lived in London I would see her one to one as she is a very inspiring positive person. She has a wonderful team who work with her on her retreats.

- Razia, France


I have been consulting with Carolyne Ji for over a year now since meeting her at a juice detox retreat in Gozo in October 2015. The retreat was my first and a real life changing experience for me in the most positive sense. It helped me lose a lot of excess weight, which is relatively easy to do in the confines of an isolated location away from home. 
After the retreat, I found that I had all sorts of questions and needed advice on what to do to continue my new found lifestyle while working and living my normal life, with all its passing temptations while maintaining my weight loss and improving my health through diet. 
I contacted Carolyne by email and she offered me regular consultations by email. I found this very helpful, reassuring as well as very encouraging with her positive attitude.
Carolyne is, in my opinion, an excellent naturopath who is always interested in her patient's problems and concerns and is flexible in finding the best solution to suit the patient's lifestyle. She has helped me improve my health through a maintained weight loss, I sleep better at night while having more energy through the day. Together we have found a few supplements that Carolyne has recommended for me to take that I feel are steadily improving my wellbeing. I intend to continue our consultations for the foreseeable future as it works.

- Oliver Mee, Romania